Mike Murray


Mike Murray - Composer, Musician and Producer


Smooth Jazz, Chill Composer, musician and producer Mike Murray, hadn't touched a musical instrument for years until the death of his father in 2001. As an accomplished but unknown pianist, Mike's father raised him from the age of seven and exposed him to the Jazz classics. As a kid, Mike's musical seeds were further sewn during the summers on an old, tattered upright piano at a summer camp but he lacked focus. He landed a spot with a local high school funk band as a drummer but before musical seeds could take root, the time came to turn the page to the next chapters in life.

As an adult, Mike was heavily influenced by, music greats such as George Duke, Stanley Clarke, FourPlay, Santana, Hiroshima, Paul Hardcastle, Alex Bugnon, EWF, and Mandrill to name a few. 

Over the years, Mike knew there was still something innately musical stirring inside so he returned to music making with a spur of the moment decision to purchase a keyboard.  Spurred on by a friend who offered strong encouragement, Mike eventually released his first commercial CD "Skyline" in 2007. 

Mike's eleventh and most recent CD "Summer", featuring KCentric and Leah Whitehorse, transports listeners through sunny, relaxing, seductively funky grooves. With musical roots now firmly in the ground, Mike Murray expects to release his twelfth CD featuring smooth Saxophonist Daniel Chia and KCentric in early 2017.