Thank You!

1000 Xs Over

for the heartfelt comments! 

Thanks for making music that sooths the heart - Selwyn from SC

I'm very grateful to have discovered your music! 
via someone else's promo site May, The Lord God continue to bless you and your family. - Michael from NY

Please excuse my hood vernacular as I grew up on the Mississippi Coast, “(blanked), you need yo azz kicked” 🤣. I’ve been delaying this message to you because there is no way I can express this feeling in a professional manner😊 

How did you come up with that funky tune? What were you high on? Ain’t no way you can lay down that kind of funk unless you are high on sometin’👍🏾🤣🤣 

Mike, it is one of the very best songs out. If I may suggest, keep it in that zone. Great Job, my Dear Brother 🏆 - Jerome

"I agree......Mike's music helped us create 3 beautiful children!.......suffice to say Mike Murray is costing me a lot of $$$$$$$$" - C M

""Cruisin" is a masterpiece, thank you for such a positive and pleasing experience." - Ralph

"Bruh. There are a lot of folks out here playing smooth jazz/chill/label of the day.... somehow, you have developed a sound that distinguishes you from all the rest, whether established or new.... You definitely have got something special .....The groove, vibe, and energy of your music is like nothing I've heard for a very long time... Keep up the fantastic work!" - Andre G. 

"I don't know your story, but you're doing a fantastic job making up for lost time.  Your music's totally on point!" - Mark A

"I am quite Annoyed and Upset that until very recently I had NEVER heard of "Mike Murray"! Smooth Jazz could NOT get better than THIS! I love the "Jazzmasters and Paul Hardcastle", but now I can enjoy another "MASTER". - eezyCLsmooth

"as a pianist myself, Berklee (1976) i was awe inspired by your composition Cafe Mocha.  It was as though I composed it myself. However, did not suffer the stay wit-it-ness.  I enjoy your counter point and use of the interchange of the bass and treble variations.  Keep digging Mike.  I am  so grateful that you've stuck with your passion in piano/keyboard to deliver an important message to the world - pure emotion.  Gratefully yours - Joe

"Love is...Music! 
This [Love Language] is definitely an album to "live"! It is a riot of emotions. The feeling he tells is Love, the origin of ALL feelings. With a strongly sensual tone, the songs follow one another with intense and refined passion. Passion and seduction that emerge clearly from the words written and whispered by the voice of Onna B, with a non-intrusive but persuasive, elegant and harmonious rap rhythm. When a word, a voice can make itself "musical instrument", then it is perfection! Onna B, an enchanting surprise, singer, poet, gave her precious contribution for this "hot" musical project not only as an Artist, but also as a producer. Onna B, let's make this name, because we will hear about it again! An album with an engaging sound, romantic at times melancholy. We perceive veins r & b, funk, well we add hints of electrofusion. An album dedicated to those who lost love, but not the hope of loving again! To those who promised themselves that they would never give up again! It is music that invites you to try again, to believe, to dare to recall images and memories, to create new ones. It is music to say goodbye to the past that has hurt, it is music to live love in all its forms! These notes, these rhythms, Mr. Murray's plan, are the hug you need, they warm up! It's music for those who already love and don't know how to say it. If you can't find the words, put on this CD, free your heart and let your hands, your lips and your eyes do the rest! What is Love? 
Love is a beginning with no end 
Love doesn't lose, it always wins 
Love is a blessing never a sin. 
This and more is for Onna B, I add... Love is ... music!  
Thank you Mr. Murray, Thank you Enchanting Onna B and thank you to all your collaborators! - Lory A