"Love is...Music!
This [Love Language] is definitely an album to "live"! It is a riot of emotions. The feeling he tells is Love, the origin of ALL feelings. With a strongly sensual tone, the songs follow one another with intense and refined passion. Passion and seduction that emerge clearly from the words written and whispered by the voice of Onna B, with a non-intrusive but persuasive, elegant and harmonious rap rhythm. When a word, a voice can make itself "musical instrument", then it is perfection! Onna B, an enchanting surprise, singer, poet, gave her precious contribution for this "hot" musical project not only as an Artist, but also as a producer. Onna B, let's make this name, because we will hear about it again! An album with an engaging sound, romantic at times melancholy. We perceive veins r & b, funk, well we add hints of electrofusion. An album dedicated to those who lost love, but not the hope of loving again! To those who promised themselves that they would never give up again! It is music that invites you to try again, to believe, to dare to recall images and memories, to create new ones. It is music to say goodbye to the past that has hurt, it is music to live love in all its forms! These notes, these rhythms, Mr. Murray's plan, are the hug you need, they warm up! It's music for those who already love and don't know how to say it. If you can't find the words, put on this CD, free your heart and let your hands, your lips and your eyes do the rest! What is Love?
Love is a beginning with no end
Love doesn't lose, it always wins
Love is a blessing never a sin.
This and more is for Onna B, I add... Love is ... music! 
Thank you Mr. Murray, Thank you Enchanting Onna B and thank you to all your collaborators! - Lory A

''Love Language'' is Mike Murray's most sensual, romantic and erotic work so far, another sample free offering of deliciously smooth jazz vibes. Features sweeping ethereal textures and vocals by Onra B his delivers a little more progress on his unique chazz sound. His own classic-sounding ''Rendezvous'' groovy fare looks like my highlight while tunes like the Latin moments of the album ''Despues De Horas'' and ''Warm Like You'' along the modern soul beats like the ones on ''Love Letter'' are tracks that can being welcomed by many on its 'round midnight soundtracks. - DJ Nova,

"I stumbled across you on Amazon listening to some of your music and bruh you are TO SMOOTH!!!!! I'm definitely bout to order some of your music!!!!! Luv your music and I will share and tell others about you!!! I started listening to Smooth Jazz in 1997 and now l own well over 1300 recordings!!! I'm THE BIGGEST SMOOTH JAZZ FAN OUT THERE!! - Freddie

"Mr. Murray, heard you for the 1st time last night on a podcast from a smooth jazz station in Australia. I was cruising through the desert in Southern California last evening. I had to look you up. Your music is way smooth.. I have been hooked Paul Hardcastle over the decades. I found a good ole Yank in my back yard. You are the real deal." - Al

"Bro, once again thank you 🙏🏽 for the great music, I have them all, just transferred to ATL, I’m a bass player, enjoy the brilliance, wish I could work with you." - Roderick

"Having grown up listening to smooth jazz, I have to say you're a music genius. I recently discovered you on YouTube and listened to Dial 10. This song has so much richness, flavor, and it touches the soul. True art, true music. There are parts in it where it feels like a jungle beach paradise, and then other parts it feels like your channeling God. I don't recall ever reaching out to an artist to compliment them, but your music has not only brought back jazz, it's given it a new meaning to me, you've taken it further. "Chazz" is just what this world needs. I've never heard anything quite like it. Despite dealing with depression, listening to songs like this miraculously uplifts me and gives spirit to keep going. Well done sir, you've made this Jersey native proud!" - Mr Lulthra

"Your music is (The Future of Jazz)" - Chris Nochowicz, 101.5 WXNA Nashville, WXNAfm.org 

"Man I've been jamming u all morning. Your CD is smoking bruh. As always nice, smooth and silky. Man u have been blessed to have the skills that you have. I'm very pleased with the remix.  U have a fan for life.👍🏽 I heard u on Amazon mp3 then this morning u were on Tidal which is FLAC and it's a great difference. Man u put that album together. I mean sunset cruising music to me and my baby. My car 😄". Thx again. - Marlon 

"hey mike hope to catch a concert of yours in Atlanta area. i live on the Southside. I think your music is genius. - Ulysses 

"Man u are one of my top 5 SJ artist. U, Earl Klugh, Joe Taylor, Paul Hardcastle, Hiroshima, Tim Heintz, etc. I know that's more than 5, each one of the top 5 put me in another dimension. It's like I'm in another world and I thank u guys for giving birth to new music that puts a person's soul at easy. I have nothing but love for u guys and don't stop, because u have a great gift that u give to the world that only u can produce and I'm grateful for it. Thx for all u do. U don't realize how u impact a person's life but you do." - Marlon 

"We love your music here in Amsterdam. When are you planning to play over here :-)" All the best! - Peter. 

"Dude when you perform again let me know? Your music is off da chain...………………..ATL" - Earl 

"You have been blessed with a special talent. You have already achieved your goal of writing for an "A list" artist. You are an A list artist. God bless my brother." 

"I'd love to work with you, sometime, for sure! You are a true STAR, and SHOULD be touring, for sure." 

"You’ll be proud to know on this day, Tobago enters my hall of fame.The bass track you laid down for it is just plain stupid." 

"...just thought i would drop you a short line of appreciation of the music you have developed & produced ..its taken a while for me to find you ! I came across you purely by accident on iTunes listening and downloading the likes of Don Gorda Project,,Jens Buchert to more jazzy overtones from Lonnie Liston Smith to Tim Watson & Brian Simpson to name just a few ! but i must say you have captured exactly the kind of music that fills my soul with great joy and have now downloaded most of your work to my absolute pleasure & appreciation and hope that it may long continue.....i will be now be following you with great interest." - "Paul" 

"I would like to offer my most sincere congratulations for your recent single release ''Elegance'' this number is one of greatest instrumental song I ever heard , its really a hit! It takes really hard work and creativity to come up with such fantastic great sound, melodically composed and fantastically aranged instrumentally. I enjoyed listening to it day and night its really touching, with it's smooth and sweet melodious background and I must admit is one of the Instrumental chilled songs of all time. I wish you all the success and best for the future - "Jimmy" 

"Just wanted to let you know dude you are a badass !!! just checked out some of your music from youtube as I was scrolling thru my library of music and found your music. I have never heard of you before although I am a heavy listener of WCLK radio here in the ATL. I am a acid jazz DJ and lover of music of all kinds but your style is different from the rest really some smooth stuff. Thanks brother and keep this good music coming. Let me know of any upcoming concerts that you may have. We need to get you on the list for Wolf Creek Concerts under the stars soon........ see ya!" - "Earl" 

"Wow I just discovered your music on Saturday; I have fallen completely in love. Hardcastle is my favorite artist, I have to say after listening to your music I'm not so sure anymore. I have a lot of catching up to do where Mike Murray music is concerned, but I'm sure to be on track before long. How fortunate I am to have discovered you and your talent. I look forward to hearing all your music and what's to come moving forward. Your brand new fan!!" - "Dianne"

"Mr.Murray, recently heard your music on u-tube, I'm an avid smooth jazz fan.Your style is like nothing I've heard, different, and amazing! Keep it going! Love it all .God bless your music" - Tony

"Yo Mr. Murray: You now have two fans from the same family.  My wife Dianne, introduced me to your music and the Wind Chimes and 7th Sign cuts are fantastic!!!  You produce the type of music that makes me want to get in my car, all windows down, get on the interstate and roll for several hours.  I am a driver and love your type of sounds.  You are in the same vein as Paul Hardcastle.  We love his brand of music and now I have to download your cuts.  The "Windchimes" cut is on par if not better than Hardcastle, that cut is dynamic!!! I like the pauses you put in it and then continue on with the same flow and beats.  Man I hope you continue to produce this type of music.  I call it sophisticated sounds, not many artist produce this type of music.  I only know of you, Hardcastle & Soul Ballet that can make this music sound. It is unfortunate you are not a performing artist because we would definitely like to see you perform in public, but the music you make is probably very difficult to reproduce in public as I hear it come thru my speakers. As long as you keep producing that sophisticated music, smooth and upbeat I'll keep downloading you and playing you on the road. The best to you" - Steve

"Dear Mike: I listen to jazz fusion since the 1970' s but....... you are the BEST!!!!; I met you through Beats one(apple). Is there more music from you available than the 9 albums I found on I-Tunes? Please let me know whenever you are in Europe (I am a doctor in Amsterdam) and I will be there! Looking forward to your next album!!" - Peter