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Vantage Point: Mastering by

SaxMan: feat Daniel Chia: Mastering by Dwight Stokes. All Saxophone by Daniel Chia. KCentric featured in "How I Know".

Skyline: Mastering by Bob DeMaa at Endless Noise ( CD Design by Tal Thompson

Groove Tones: CD Artwork by Earl Aldridge ( CD Design by Tal Thompson.  The following sound samples incorporated in this project are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License: By c97059890 ( 
"Fiji Beach" (Stereo).mp3 ( - By stomachache ( 
"talkinginsubwaystation".mp3 ( - By jmfh ( 
"hello-market".wav ( - By ERH ( 
"All men are equal".wav ( - By rutgermuller ( 
"Radio Noise" ( ( 

NON-STOP: Copyright 2013.  Released May 2013.  Digital Mastering by Dwight Stokes. Voice effects on "Git Your Swag On" by Dwight Stokes" For physical CD's, please email. 

Elegance (Single) - Copyright 2013.  Digital Mastering by Sher Lindsey Productions . Written and Produced by Mike Murray. 

Downtime (Single) - Copyright 2010 - Cover photo "RELAXING" by Marijanni. If you prefer physlical CD's let me know. 

Canopy (Single) - Copyright 2012. Track Cover: CANOPY OF TREES AT SUNRISE by Koh Sze Kiat.  Music Mastering by Dwight Stokes. 

Island Breeze (Single) - Copyright 2010.  Digital Mastering by Disc Makers. Cover photo by Kimberly Robinson. 

Summer CD (feat: Leah Whitehorse and KCentric): Copyright 2016 - Mastered by