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“NEW FRONTIER” (EP) was released on 061424. Stay Tuned 👩🏽‍🚀🚀🪐

RELEASED Supernova (Single) 0 5 2 4 2 4 👩🏽‍🚀🚀🪐

RELEASED 0 4 0 5 2 4 - The New Single: VOYAGER 👩🏽‍🚀🚀🪐

Great News! Mike Murray tracks occasionally appear in this Paul Hardcastle playlist on Apple Music!

Jazzin' Up Noel is a Featured Track on Pandora through February 3rd.

Cocktails CD is the Featured CD on SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley for December, 2023.

Moonlit Libations (Single) is the (#1/50) Top Indie Single on 96.9 The Oasis two weeks in a row. Say: ”Alexa, Play 96.9 The Oasis”

102923: Jazzin' Up Noel (Single) released 110323. Check out the Promo vid 🎥 on YouTube! 

092223: OUT NOW! New CD: "Cocktails"!  Cheers and Listen Responsibly! 🎧🥃🎥

REVIEW BY - DJ Nova Nov(A)voN - Rodon FM

Mike Murray - Cocktails 22.09.23 ◉ OUT on Mike Murray Music ◉ At first it is all about our Mike Murray classic favorite smooth jazz sound, as ''Moonlit Libations'' which is opening the EP re-eases us in his digi-jazz-multiverse the most organic-sounded way, the next  ''Shaken Not Stirred'' and ''Sip’licity'' evolve tones of gentle elements of jazz (not really house) house from the nineties The delicate bassline and horns of ''Sip’licity'' awakes NYC (cocktail) experiences. Sometimes ''Cocktails'' vibes sound like merging instrumental hip hop moves and downtempo beach classics, ''Tales from The Velvet Couch''. And sometimes blends David Lackner's sax-plorations with Paul Hardcastle colour palette, ''Urban Echoes'' *. Deep funk and Afro spirit of ''Groove & Sip'' in the end shows Mike Murray's ability to enrich smooth jazz dimension his own way, to a free-multi-genre kaleidoscope. ''Cocktails'' proves it once again Mike Murray discography, being a high-coated smooth jazz assorted sounds universe, totally seductive. - DJ Nova Nov(A)voN #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #chill #chilljazz #smoothjazz #jazzfusion #downtempo #funk #mikemurraymusic #djnova #djnovareviews #novaplanetradioshow #RodonFM

Review by Patrick Van de Wiele - |
Oct 9, 2023

The American composer and musician Mike Murray has already been discussed here. Now his latest album 'Cocktails' has arrived here, and it contains an enchanting musical journey through the diverse flavors of jazz. 

This six-track hybrid jazz album is your passport to a world of musical mixology, combining the timeless elegance of classic smooth jazz with the vibrant impulse of contemporary trends. Each song is a unique cocktail of melodies, offering a range of tempos and vibrations, ensuring there is something to tickle every musical palate.

Mike opens with the funky 'Groove & Sip', followed by 'Moonlit Libations', on which you can relax wonderfully in the moonlight. We obviously know the phrase 'Shaken not Stirred' from the James Bond films, as his favorite Martini. Here that track is the single, a unique mix of up-tempo energy and chill-out vibes. In other words, smooth jazz with upbeat rhythm. 'Sip licity' follows in a relaxed mid-tempo, after which 'Tales from the Velvet Couch' continues the same rhythm. Closing track 'Urban Echoes' once again lets you sink back into a relaxed chill-out atmosphere.

All in all, this album lets you enjoy a night out in a city. As Mike himself says: “It's the perfect soundtrack for those moments of relaxation and celebration”. So sip your cocktail, enjoy but remember to drink in moderation!

RESPUESTA #1770 EN: 16 DE OCTUBRE DE 2023, 19:23:01 PM - 

Mike Murray es un pianista, productor y compositor estadounidense que, hace unos días, el pasado 21 de setiembre, lanzó un nuevo trabajo llamado ¨Cocktails¨. En este ejemplar el artista nos entrega 6 temas en formato E.P. de hermoso smooth-jazz, sumamente agradable, con una variedad instrumental excelentemente lograda. No tengo posibilidades de trasladar al amable lector mayor información sobre los músicos que lo acompañan, si es que es así, ya que no existen referencias en su pág de facebook o en su sitio web. No obstante el resultado es de alta calidad y muy disfrutable. Se recomienda sin reservas - Con Opus - Sinfomusic


Mike Murray is an American pianist, producer and composer who, a few days ago, on September 21, released a new album called "Cocktails". In this issue the artist gives us 6 songs in E.P. format. of beautiful smooth-jazz, extremely pleasant, with an excellently achieved instrumental variety. I have no possibility of conveying to the kind reader more information about the musicians who accompany him, if that is the case, since there are no references on his Facebook page or on his website. However, the result is of high quality and very enjoyable. It is recommended without reservation. - Con Opus - Sinfomusic